pietro mastrota visual artist & designer
Via Chisimaio 29
00199 Roma
M. +39 3204803355

Avenue de Miremont 7A
1206 Geneva
M. +41 788809155

Pietro Mastrota, an Italian visual artist and designer based in Geneva, has undertaken diverse commissions in visual arts, interior design, industrial design and exhibitions design. His passions for materials, often drives his strive for innovative materials and mediums developed through new technologies and it’s reflected in his extensive body of works, varying from painting, sculptures, installations and lifestyle accessories.

Born in Cosenza, Italy, in 1979, Pietro Mastrota graduated in Economics from Bologna University and developed his passion for art and interior design thanks to the family business in interior design. Currently works and lives between Italy and Switzerland and cooperates with a number of renewed architects and Italian design companies operating worldwide.

Because of his non-conventionalist spirit Pietro Mastrota work has often given rise to unprecedented fascination.